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About EnerHealth Botanicals

EnerHealth Botanicals was incorporated in 2005 by Steve St. Clair and Darren Craddock with the goal of promoting conscious wellness for the mind, body, and soul.  

Both of us being Vegetarians we decided there were some improvements that could be made to the offerings of Vegetarian and Vegan beverages. So we decided that it was time for a few quality organic drinks that promotes health.  We started with a new superfood green drink called Enerfood and then went onto formulate a Detox and Colon Cleanse, Coconut Milk Powder, Organic  Coconut Palm sugar, Organic  hot cocoa blend called Cocoa Mojo and an organic coffee, whole bean, called NutriCafe.  These latter two are infused with organic extracts of medicinal mushrooms to boost physical performance and enhance the immune system.  Concerned about the level of food stocks in the USA and potential food shortages, we recently we started packing a storable food container to supply a forty day and forty night supply of organic foods.Last year we purchased a herbal tincture company and have added over 120 single herbal tinctures and 35 herbal tincture blends to be used for better health.

We also decided that we wanted to present to people a company that actually cared about their overall health and well-being.  Too many companies use call-centers or have people answering the phones that have no clue about health or human compassion.  One of our main goals is to offer our customers, real customer service from real people that live and breathe our views.

Until recently, we were the ones answering the phones on a daily basis getting to know our customers, now we have a couple of guys here in the office that do most of the answering of telephone calls, Ryan and Peter.  We have created many valuable bonds over the years with all of you and we are privileged to be able to assist you in your health goals.  

We would like to share a little about ourselves so you get to know our company better:

Darren Craddock

Born in the UK and trained at an early age by his grandfather, an accomplished herbalist, in the pharmacology of herbs. After moving with his parents to the U.S. he took up the study of Yoga, eventually becoming certified as an instructor. During this time he also became certified in several energetic healing modalities, became an ordained minister, a certified massage therapist and now teaches herbal classes and heals through his practice in San Antonio, TX. Darren is fluent is French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish and of course English.

Steve St Clair

Steve's path has had a much different form, but one that serves our business well. With a master’s degree in international finance and a business career spanning several industries such as money management, real estate, consulting and venture capital start ups he has added a business dimension to the company.  As a vegetarian and conscious activist deeply concerned about the direction our country has taken, he has studied a wide range of subjects related to our inner and outer world environment such as; building and real estate development techniques that reduce energy consumption by 75%; food resources and how they have been used or misused; systematic mis-information about nutrition to benefit large corporate interests; spiritual texts from all over the world; on going in-depth research into the U.S. political and economic system.

In 2011, we acquired WhiteDove Herbals, Inc. WhiteDove was an herbal tincture company that had been producing herbal tinctures for the past 15 years and private labeling for us for some time.  In fact some of the first bottles of Enerfood we shipped from their building. The tinctures and all of our products are offered online and in various retail outlets throughout the U.S. and Europe now.

Heather Roberts

Joining us in November 2014, Heather is our most recent addition to the Enerhealth Family. Serving as Chief Operating Officer, she is in charge of just about everything at our facility in Longmont, Colorado.  Heather came to us after an 8 year career in the Non-Profit industry. Prior to EnerHealth, she was the Director of Development for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in San Antonio, TX. She also handled fundraising, development and special events for the San Antonio Food Bank (a top-rated food bank in the United States) and for the American Diabetes Association.  Heather has a B.A. in Mass Communication specializing in Public Relations from Texas State University.  

We support a variety of health and politically conscious websites and radio shows as we are committed to Health Freedom.

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Steve St Clair & Darren Craddock

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