EnerHealth Botanicals was incorporated in 2005 by Steve St. Clair and Darren Craddock with the goal of promoting conscious wellness for the mind, body, and soul. 

Being both Vegetarians and Green Drink enthusiasts, we were dissatisfied with the current green drink offerings on the market.  Too many fillers, non-organic ingredients, expensive, and overall poor results. So we decided that it was time for a new superfood green drink and joined together to create a green drink that we would drink and be proud of.  After months of testing formulas in Darren's kitchen and many prayers we found a formula that we felt achieved our goals and thus Enerfood was born.

We also decided that we wanted to offer people a company that actually cared about their overall health and well-being.  Too many companies use call-centers or have people answering the phones that have no clue about health or human compassion.  One of our main goals is to offer our customers, real customer service from real people that live and breathe our views.  Until recently, we were the ones answering the phones on a daily basis getting to know our customers.  We have created many valuable bonds over the years with all of you and we are privileged to be able to assist you in your health goals.  

We would like to share a little about ourselves so you get to know our company better:

Darren Craddock

Born in the UK and trained at an early age by his grandfather, an accomplished herbalist, in the pharmacology of herbs. After moving with his parents to the U.S. he took up the study of Yoga, eventually becoming certified as an instructor. During this time he also became certified in several energetic healing modalities, became an ordained minister, a certified massage therapist and now teaches herbal classes and heals through his practice in San Antonio, TX. Darren is fluent is French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish and of course English.  Darren is married to Mylene, a native of Paris, France and a filght attendant for United Airlines.   They have 2 boys 20 and 21 years old.  One a musician and the other in college.  Without their support Enerhealth would have never been.  Everyone in the family are ardent 'users' of the products.  His youngest son has a part time job as a physical trainer at college and uses Enerfood and recommends it to his clients.

Darren is also a talk show host on www.survive2thrive.net on Mondays 6-7 CST  and www.responsiblehealthradio.com in Europe, 8-9 Western Europe time.  His show covers all sorts of health topics and his fans love the show!

Steve St Clair

Steve's path has had a much different form, but one that serves our business well. With a master’s degree in international finance and a business career spanning several industries such as money management, real estate, consulting and venture capital start ups he has added a business dimension to the company.  As a vegetarian and conscious activist, he has studied a wide range of subjects related to our inner and outer world environment such as; building and real estate development techniques that reduce energy consumption by 75%; food resources and how they have been used or misused; systematic mis-information about nutrition to benefit large corporate interests; spiritual texts from all over the world; on going in-depth research into the U.S. political and economic system.

Steve is married to Effie and they have 5 children ranging in ages from 32 to 15, 'yours, mine and ours', a blended family as they say these days.  Again, without their support Enerhealth would never have succeeded.  Effie and daughter Sara are featured in a few of our how to videos.  Everyone uses the Enerhealth products.  Steven, the only boy, is now into 'working out' and uses Enerfood daily!

In 2011, we acquired WhiteDove Herbals, Inc. WhiteDove was an herbal tincture company that had been producing herbal tinctures for the past 15 years and private labeling for us for some time.  In fact some of the first bottles of Enerfood we shipped from their building.  Joining us with the acquisition was Peter Hay. 

Peter Hay

Peter was running WhiteDove Herbals and is a great addition to our family.  Born and raised in Boulder, Peter shares our views on health and wellness. Most of you have probably had the privilege of speaking with him as he heads up our warehouse and offices.  He is in charge of the daily business and website designs and upgrades.

Peter and his wife Nicole are new parents of a handsome young man, Dillon.   He is getting a real feel for why most parents are young!  Do i remember those days!  As busy parents they are always supplementing their diets with Enerfood and start their days with NutriCafe.  

Peter is fully committed to health and wellness and does not cater to the 'common wisdom' with regards to vaccines etc.  Coming from an 'herbal' background his first line of defense is a great diet, exercise and herbal supplements to build up their immune systems.  He has more knowledge than most in the areas of diabetes, as his wife is type1.  

Natalie Mondine

Natalie is the Director of Herbal Operations in our Herb Lab. She creates all of our liquid extracts and herbal products and oversees all production in the lab. She is also our Quality Control Director, and holds everything to a very high standard. Natalie is committed to making a high-quality product that people can feel good about taking. She has been working with the herbs for almost 10 years, and was a part of the acquisition of White Dove Herbals 3 years ago. Natalie has been committed to health and wellness all of her life, was raised in a very health-conscious and eco-friendly family, to be certified organic and GMO-free! She has a 6 year old daughter, Isabella, who follows the same path of being conscience of mother earth and all the bounties she can offer, herbal medicine just being one of them. Natalie and Peter Hay have been co-workers during the last 10 years, and friends even longer. They share the same vision of bringing top-quality products to people who are not willing to see “big pharma” as the answer to health issues, and are advocates for people educating themselves on what is really going on so that they can empower themselves to make the best decisions for their families.

Ryan St George

Ryan hails from Connecticut and is a recent transplant, well within the last 3 years, to the Boulder, CO area.  He is our sales manager and is in charge of the phones now- taking care of all the incoming calls.  He is the guy you will normally speak with about ordering and/or order issues.  Great guy and, again, fullly committed to health and wellness.  He just joined the local CrossFit Box in Longmont and is getting in incredible shape.  He will be blogging his experiences on a new blog site www.theconsciouscrossfitter.com, should be both informative and entertaining!

That is a snapshot of the main players at EnerHealth today.  There are a few other people here that help Natalie out and are involved with our production, we will keep you updated from time to time as people come and go.  All of our folks support a variety of health initiatives outside of work, NON GMO movement being a huge effort.  As a company we support a variety of health and politically conscious websites, radio shows and initiatives as we are committed to Health Freedom.  Some of our favorite initiatives are Slow Money, Slow Food and pretty much all NON GMO activities...For some cool music check out Etown, it is a locally, Boulder, produced music podcast!

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Steve St Clair & Darren Craddock