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  • Rare/Endangered Herbs and their Substitutes

    Interest in herbal medicine has seen an overall increase in locations all throughout the world, a wonderful trend during modern times.  Unfortunately, this is also paired with increased destruction of habitat, over harvesting and large commercial grows, which pushes some medicinal herbs onto the rare or endangered species list.  What can we do to help protect these medicinal plants that are beco...
  • Colorado Growing

    As some of you may know, we are a small Colorado based company with a love and passion for herbs and natural health.  When it comes to Colorado growing, there are different challenges that one might face, like in all climates- challenges arise; which make reaping the benefits worth all of the efforts!  Carefully choosing plants that tolerate this soil and climate conditions is important in garde...
  • Mushroom based Pesticide!

    A Woody Shelf Fungi from the polypores family (polyporaceae). Not surprisingly the patent filed by Paul Stamets, recognized mycologist, has largely been ignored.  A natural product that can be as effective as the nasty stuff produced by the big fertilizer/pesticide corporations would be one of the most 'disruptive technologies' on the planet today!  Disruptive, meaning tons of profits would be ...
  • Herbal Extraction Techniques

    There are numerous methods for extracting medicinal constituents from our herbs.  Depending on whether it’s a flower and herb, or root or seed, there are particular methods that are better than others to be used for extraction.  In attempts to capture certain essences or different energetics, some extractions are done throughout the night and others during the light of day.  A few different e...
  • Herbs in the Kitchen

    There are a handful of herbs that every cook should use; the list goes on and on!  What would cooking be like without fresh herbs?  If fresh herbs aren’t available, try herbs are the second best option.  Sometimes only a hint of herbal taste does the trick, other times handfuls of fresh greens are needed.  Although it was difficult for me to narrow it down to just a couple herbs listed, I wi...
  • Preparation for NutriCafe

    Several people have inquired lately as to the method of perparation for our NutriCafe organic coffees.  There are many ways to prepare coffee and I will try to highlight just a few.  First, since our coffee is organic whole bean coffee you must have a grinder.  For most people an inexpensive grinder from Target or Walmart will suffice, more expensive burr grinders can be had at Bed, Bath and B...
  • Herb of the Day: Milk Thistle

    Known commonly as a weed, milk thistle has very characteristic white markings on its leaves as well as a big purple flowering head that helps distinguish it amongst other plants.  This lovely perennial grows commonly throughout Europe where it’s native, but today is found growing naturally in California and Australia.  There are numerous reasons to give this herb a try! Packed with medicinal c...
  • Springtime Allergies

    If you’re anything like myself, the turn of the seasons from winter into spring means the beginning of allergy season!  The growth, life, and blossoming of outdoor activities is also paired with itchy eyes, runny nose, and overall congestion.  Thank goodness nature is on our side and also provides us with wonderful natural remedies that are fast acting in bringing relief, alleviating the sympt...
  • Herbs for Athletes

    Daily exercise is, of course, plays an incredibly important part in maintaining overall health.  Something to consider when maintaining an active lifestyle are herbs that help to contribute to your strength and endurance during regular workouts, as well as herbs that can help the recovery process of an intense workout or sore muscles. For greater energy and overall endurance, two herbs to conside...

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