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  • Tiny House Movement

    Growing day by day, a social movement is evolving that changes the lives of those who participate, while additionally alleviating negative impacts those people have on the planet.  The tiny home social movement is one where people choose to downsize their homes and live more simply with more necessity and less luxury.  To give you an idea, the average American home is 2600 square feet, while mos...
  • Immune Enhancing Herbs

    There are many foods that exist containing medicinal powers to naturally boost and strengthen your immune system.  The health of body’s immune system partially depends on the support that comes from the stomach.  If you are malnourished, you are more susceptible to disease and sickness than those who eat healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetable based diets.  On top of diet, there are also m...
  • Raw Honey: Food and Medicine

    In addition to being a tasty sweetener, sugar has an incredible number of healing benefits to the human body.  Some important facts to keep in mind before I go into detail are that the health benefits are highly dependent on the quality of honey you use.  As much as a third and perhaps more of all honey in the United States comes from sources outside of the US like India and China.  These myste...
  • Natural Foot Care

    Our feet do a lot for us, and therefore should not be neglected.  There are many ways in which you can care for your feet, which is easy and doesn’t require you leave the house in order to get special treatment!  Aches, pains, and unpleasant odors are all ways in which your feet are trying to grab our attention, asking for love and appreciation for all that they do for us.  The feet are, aft...
  • Naturally Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

    Taking on a healthy diet does more than just help nourish the internal functions and health of the body, but cares for the external health and radiance as well.  Dry, damaged hair and brittle nails may be signs of a more underlying issue when it comes to one’s personal health.  What’s happening on the surface of the body can oftentimes relay important information as to what is going on under...
  • NutriCafe Coffees and Cocoa Mojo SALE 15% off

    15% Off ALL NutriCafe Healthy Organic Coffees   Enjoy a great cup of ANY NutriCafe Healthy Organic Coffee and Cocoa Mojo - hot or cold - this summer and get 15% off your purchase!  Discount also good for the combos!   These coffees are also great cold.  Try the 24 hour 'toddy' method for a great cup of even lower acidity, 'cold brewed' coffee.  If you haven't tried the Cocoa Mojo cold, this s...
  • Internal vs. Topical Herbs

    Thus far I have discussed a lot of herbs taken internally, but today I’d like to brush upon the importance of using herbs externally, serving different purposes and captivating other system of the human body.  It is important to distinguish between medicinal herbs and their use because some are strictly used externally and can be dangerous if ingested.  I’ll provide a few examples of topical...
  • Herb of the Day: Marshmallow

    Marshmallow is a plant bearing beautiful blossoms, found in very wet, marshy areas, native to parts of Europe and Asia.  Used as a traditional Greek medicine, marshmallow root has since then flourished in gardens throughout the entire world!  I’d like to focus on marshmallow's medicinal powers as a healing mucilage that lies within its roots.  The leaves, flowers and syrup are highly medi...

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