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  • Why is hydrating so important?

    Why is it so important to stay hydrated?  Every single cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to function properly.  Therefore, good health partially means getting enough water, which makes up more than half of a person’s body weight.  Water is a crucial nutrient for development, health and growth.  An interesting fact I’ll share with you; mild dehydration is one of the most comm...
  • Expect the Unexpected!

    Nutritious food and clean water are two basic necessities for human life.  Have you thought about the importance of food storage?  Throughout my whole life I never considered keeping more food stored than I immediately needed, or even a survival pack with first aid kid just in case.  In terms of the unpredictability of our world today, I started deciding to play it safe.  What if I need clean ...
  • Enerhealth at the Self Reliance Expo in Denver

    We are proud to announce that we will be attending the Self Reliance Expo here in Denver, Colorado!  This one day only event is happening this weekend, August 22nd from 9am-7pm at the National Western Complex.  We are stoked to have the opportunity to vend and be a part of a group of people who are working towards becoming more self-reliant.  From beekeeping, aquaponics, and backyard sprouting ...
  • Heal your gut with gluten free products!

    As your busy week unwinds to its end, we have a great sale to offer you over the weekend!  This weekend we are offering you our gluten free products, Enerfood jars and Meal Replacement at 15% off.  How many of you know anything about gluten and gluten intolerance?  Over the past ten years, gluten intolerance has sky rocketed in terms of numbers of people with this sensitivity and overall conver...
  • Why is Organic the least expensive food?

    One of the biggest concerns with living an organic lifestyle is the cost of organic dairy, produce, and meat.  As we see the cost of living continuously rise, any way to save money may be seemingly worth it.  Fortunately in many ways eating organically is a lot cheaper, and I’m about to share with you why this is so!  Although conventional food is cheaper than organic and local foods, there a...
  • 15% Off Our Nutrient Dense Products

    Looking for a boost in your overall health and wellbeing?  Here at Enerhealth we can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of keeping your body in balance.  By nourishing our bodies with dense and highly nutritious food and supplements, we show our body appreciation for all that it does for us.  In today’s modern world, we need to be able to power through our busy days with balanced energ...
  • Magnesium: The essential but missing mineral in Americans

    Magnesium is an essential mineral needed by every cell in the body… now that’s important!  This mineral helps create energy in each and every cell by activating ATP, aka the storage molecule, which fuels and drives each cell of your body.  It’s very important to have the right amount of magnesium in our bodies for a number of reasons, such as helping  promote overall proper function of th...
  • Enerfood and more on sale 15% off this weekend only!

    Enerfood, Cocoa Mojo, NutriCafe Immune Support, Daily Immune Support and Immune supporting herbs all on sale this weekend only.  This doesn't happen too often so take advantage of some great deals!  15% off with the coupon:  Immune15 ...
  • Tiny House Movement

    Growing day by day, a social movement is evolving that changes the lives of those who participate, while additionally alleviating negative impacts those people have on the planet.  The tiny home social movement is one where people choose to downsize their homes and live more simply with more necessity and less luxury.  To give you an idea, the average American home is 2600 square feet, while mos...

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