“Exaggerated” Fukushima Leaks lead to Ice Wall

Looks like Japan is trying to cover their butts again.  This time the Japan’s Chief nuclear watchdog is stating that the reports recently have been exaggerated and also blamed the media for making the situation seem more serious than it really is.

What a joke!  If it isn’t that serious why would the Japanese government be stepping in and spending $470 Million on an ice wall.  That is a pretty big expenditure for a problem that “isn’t that serious”.

Obviusly they are trying to put fears to rest especially as the International Olympic Committee is in town questioning the dangers of Fukushima and the 202o Summer games in Tokyo.

The Olympics are a huge deal for hosting locations and can have huge economic impacts.  What I see is just a bunch more cover-up.  Actions speak louder than words at this point and if the Japanese Gov’t is stepping in, spending half a billion dollars for an ice wall, than something is wrong despite their attempts to quell people’s fears.

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Fukushima: Too important not to share

I know that I am in the minority now with worrying about Fukushima as most people I talk to seem to not care.  Unlike 2 ½ years ago when Fukushima happened and everyone reacted and freaked out.  But now here we are 2 ½ years later and news is pouring out of Japan about the increasing dangers yet no one is blinking an eye.  The main stream media barely mentions it (not surprised) and everywhere you turn people seem to think because they have not been affected yet then it is not a big deal. 

The Fukushima situation is not going away.  In fact it is getting worse (not like it was ever good to begin with).  The latest is a massive leak, and yes I said “latest” because it is not the first, which has led Japan to raise the INES (International Nuclear Event Scale) to Level 3, which is considered a “serious radiation incident”.  Each increase represents a 10-times increase in radiation severity.

What is leaking?  Specifically radioactive water.  See they must keep the melted uranium fuel rods of the three destroyed reactors soaked with water in order to keep the melted debris cool and relatively stable. To do this, they must store huge amounts of radioactive water at the plant and that is what is leaking. 

Why is this a problem? Well besides the fact that this is not the first leak, the major concern is they really have no viable solution to prevent the leak or future leaks for that matter.  The company running the show (quite poorly) is TEMPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.) and they are now seeking outside help for solutions.  When I see someone seeking outside help, that is a red flag in my mind.  It tells me they are at a loss for ideas and/or have failed.

This is serious and it’s going to get worse before it gets better because they obviously do not have a solution. I have been following this closely for the last 2 ½ years and I have seen little progress to secure the threat or come up with a decent solution to prevent future damage and leaks.  I know the cleanup process is not going to happen overnight but at least the people in charge could start taking it seriously instead of spending all their efforts trying to cover up what is really going on. 

But let’s be honest.  They are not going to tell us the truth.  That is why we must read between the lines and spread the news ourselves.  If anyone thinks that a leak of 300 metric tons of radioactive water is not an issue than please let me know because I am always open for a good conversation.   

That is really all I ask for…Conversation. Because conversation raises awareness and consciousness and I feel that this situation is too serious to not talk about. 

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Big-Pharma: Not Just Selling “Legal” Drugs Anymore

One of the fastest growing and biggest drug problems in America is Meth.  This drug is rampant, especially in rural America, because it is highly addictive, cheap to make, and cheap to buy.  Most people are making it in small batches with household kitchen items and medications that you can buy in the store that contain pseudoephedrine, which is a decongestant recognized most commonly in Sudafed. They are extracting the pseudoephedrine then mixing it with other common household items (i.e. baby formula).  The finished product is Meth. An extremely dangerous and extremely addicting drug. It scares me that such a dangerous substance can be made from basic medication that sits right on the shelf.  Why are these medications available without a prescription? or why are they not sold behind the prescription counter? Oh that’s right Big-Pharma. 

Many states have tried to crack down on the purchase of these items and increase regulation yet the meth problem is growing at a rapid rate. Why? Because Big-Pharma has spent millions lobbying to keep these drugs from behind the prescription counter.  They think by putting them behind the counter it will hurt sales…and they are right. If it is not readily available sales would decline but so would meth use and production. So that leads me to conclude that sales have increased along with the use/production of meth. 

I know their are two sides to every story and people who use these drugs have a choice, but thats the point…they shouldn’t even have the choice because actually regulating these medications will make the choice unavailable. 

Big-Pharma is straight up cold hearted.  They are so afraid of losing sales through regulation that they have doubled their lobbying efforts in the states with the highest meth use and busts.  Are you kidding me?  Big-Pharma is no better than the drug dealers making the meth. They are just legal drug dealers that get away with it because of the pockets they line.  Obviously, like almost everyone, I have used pharmaceutical medicine and it has helped me but I am fully against these companies reckless behavior and lack of compassion for human life.  They care about one thing…Money.  
These medications are supposed to be just that, medicine.  But they could care less about the greater well-being of the people.  All they want is more money and by lobbying to keep these drugs easily accessible they are adding to the growing meth problem in America. 

If you have ever known anyone addicted to Meth it is a sad story.  It is downright tragic.  This is a horrible drug yet the evidence shows that if you restrict and/or regulate the purchases of these medication containing pseudoephedrine (like in Oregon and Mississippi) the amount of meth use decreases dramatically.  In fact after Oregon passed their bill moving sales to behind the counter meth busts dropped 96%.  If that is not direct evidence then I don’t know what is.  But Big-Pharma won’t acknowledge this because they are blinded by the dollar signs.  Not only are they worse than the drug dealers but they are much more ruthless.  Why the problem gets worse and worse they focus their efforts on the states where meth use is the highest trying to ensure it stays that way by lobbying for their medications to stay on the shelf.  So like I said…cold hearted and ruthless.  They don’t care about anything.   

This is a sad and unfortunate state of affairs but it is important for all of us to keep our thumb on the pulse of the wrongdoing in this world so we can be sure to counter it with positivity, consciousness, and proactivity.  Steer clear of these medications and if possible steer clear of Big-Pharma.  They don’t care about you, me, or anyone they claim to be “helping”.
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