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Bottled water and why you should avoid it!

Invariably a walk down the street, in an airport or in any public place will show just how many people consume bottled water on a daily basis. On average here in the US an estimated 250 million bottles of water are consumed daily. At least 25% of all bottles water, although you would think it was spring water, is actually filtered or unfiltered tap water. Unbeknownst to many tap water is actually safer and has to be tested rigorously. Tap water is regulated by the EPA, where bottled water is regulated by the FDA. The FDA has only one person in the whole department regulating the entire bottled water industry. Not surprisingly independent tests of bottled water have shown unacceptable levels of bacteria, styrene, toluene and other harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A in a random sample of different bottled water products. Bisphenol A is terribly damaging to our hormonal systems and is almost certainly responsible for widespread fertility problems. One of the scariest things is that the FDA approves or rejects any product based upon studies handed to them from the industry producing that products. When you realize that independent labs and hundreds of peer reviewed studies have shown how BPA can contribute to obesity, breast cancer, diabetes, ADD, liver disease, brain disorders and more, the fact that this chemical is in a great deal of our bottled water is very alarming. And all of this is without looking of the amount of oil used to make and transport these bottles.

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