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Cocoa Mojo & Immune Support Coffee Combo

What's better that Nutricafe Organic Coffee? Adding Cocoa Mojo...That's what!

We have combined these great delicious products to offer you real savings. Make a Mocha or have them alone. Both these products work to support your immune system while giving you unprecedented taste. Both products are 100% Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

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1 x Cocoa Mojo Organic Cocoa Powder - 12oz   +$13.49
1 x Nutricafe Organic Immune Support Coffee - 12oz   +$13.50

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Size: (1) Organic Nutricafe Immune Support Coffee - 12 oz. and (1) Cocoa Mojo - 12 oz.

Regular Price: $24.98 (if purchased separately), Save $2.99 when you purchase this combo!

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Cocoa Mojo

NutriCafe Immune Support

How do these products support my immune system?

Both the Organic Cocoa Mojo Powder and Nutricafe Organic Coffee contain immune boosting and performance enhancing medicinal mushrooms to give you the support you need with every sip. Designed to give you nutrition without the taste of of the medicinal mushroom, you won't believe what you are drinking.  

What is Cocoa Mojo?

Cocoa Mojo Organic Cocoa Powder is a healthy hot cooca that helps boost your immune response while you enjoy the best tasting cup of hot chocolate ever! Hot cocoa has been shown to have more antioxidants than green tea or any other food!

Cocoa Mojo is made form pure Organic Cocoa powder, and is sweetened with Organic Coconut Palm Sugars.  It also contains Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Maitake, Shitake, Coriolus Versicolor and Agaricus blazei for extra immune system support.  Great for the whole family!

What makes Nutricafe Coffee different?

We only buy organic, shade grown Arabica coffee beans and roast them every week to a medium color, for a rich coffee taste and aroma. Arabica beans naturally contain about 1/2 the caffeine found in commercially available coffees. With this offer you get NutriCafe Immune Support organic coffee. Nutricafe with its special blend of organic extracts of Cordyceps and Ganoderma to help balance and modulate the effects of caffeine in your body. It is naturally low in acid and caffeine, so you get all the rich organic gourmet coffee flavor you love without the stomach burn. This special blend adds an extra boost to your immune system, stamina and performance.

Customer Reviews

An amazing deal Review by Jeannine
What a great combo! Delicious together, with a little creamer, and so good for you! The Reishi alkalizes the coffee, the sweetener in the Cocoa is low glycemic, and the combo price is such an amazing deal! (Posted on 4/3/2014)
Very Tasty and smooth Review by diana
My son suggested that I try these two. Well, I have to say the coffee is really great. I like this so much I am able to get off the horrible other products I was putting in my other coffee. These two are tasty and Good for you. Double WIN for me. (Posted on 3/28/2014)

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