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ENHANCE YOUR ENERFOOD! The Benefits of Enerfood mixed with the powerful nutrition of Coconut Milk Powder. Excellent SAVINGS combined together for a powerful healthy energy boost. Great for Moms, Dads, kids, athletes of all types; swimmers, cyclists, runners, triathalon, crossfitters, insanity, P90X.  The nutrition of the Enerfood combined with the 'recovery properties of the coconut milk is amazing! This combo can also be used effectively for weight loss it you use it correctly. pink egg free shipping

Maintain a consistent, natural energy throughout the day and support your mental clairty to handle the daily stress we all face.


Enerfood - 14.01 oz   Coconut Milk Powder - 14 oz

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This nutritionally power-packed combo provides complete nutrition from organic, whole foods that are prepared and processed right here in the U.S.A. Enerfood SUPER Green Drink with Coconut Milk Powder is a healthy, delicious way to get massive amounts of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, quickly, naturally and organically.

It is low in carbs, calories, has no fat. Best of all you will LOVE the fresh creamy taste of the coconut powder along with the Enerfood super green energy drink. ORGANIC and GLUTEN FREE


The energy burst that people experience after taking the Enerfood Combo comes from the massive flood of nutrition that hits the body as well as when the fact that more toxins are gently leaving, the body.  Your body and mind naturally have more energy and clarity when it is functioning efficiently.


Don't rely on caffeine or these gimmick energy drinks/shots.  Real energy comes from real nutrition and the Enerfood / Coconut Milk Powder Combo provides that and more.  Easy to digest and and 100% bio-available, making an Enerfood & Coconut Milk Powder soothie will help you get through your day with enough energy and mental clairty to handle the daily stress.  Finally, come home refreshed and with enough mental capacity to enjoy your family.


1 TBS Enerfood

1TBS Coconut Milk Powder

1/2 Cup Apple Juice

1/2 Cup Water

1/2 Cup Banana

1/2 Strawberries (fresh or frozen)

Blend and Enjoy!  Our most popular at trade shows!

Customer Reviews

Excited Review by diana
I am so excited in using these products!! my son suggested them to me. His whole family uses them.. Great health to All. (Posted on 3/28/14)
Good Stuff Review by K.L.S
I had major surgery and three weeks prior I purchased the Enerfood + Coconut Milk combo pack and the Cocoa Mojo + Coconut Milk combo pack. Everyday prior to surgery I had an Enerfood green smoothie and also enjoyed hot chocolate with the Cocoa Mojo or I added it to my post workout protein smootie. Suffice it to say I recovered very quickly from my surgery and was able to do everything I needed to do prior to being to discharged from the hospital i.e. pass gas, urinate, burp, walk on my own. (sorry not try to be gross but those bodily functions are negatively impacted by surgery).and you don't appreciate being able to do them until you can't. When I got home from the hospital, the first thing I did was make my Enerfood green smoothie and three days later I had my first BM. It was a beautiful thing (not literally). Besides these products contributing signficantly to my overall health and helping me heal quickly, my skin is radiant. Never looked so good.. (Posted on 5/27/12)
Great Products Review by Mark T.
I am a person trainer and I suggest this to all my clients. These two products really helped me take my training to the next level. Thanks. That said I wish you had a protein powder or something as that is the only thing I feel is lacking. I add my own right now. (Posted on 4/15/12)

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