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The Benefits of Linden Flower

The Benefits of Linden Flower

In this video, Darren Craddock disccuses the benefits of Linden flower.  This is a fantastic herb and is a nervous system tonic, being especially indicated in the relief of spasms, which helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and which can also assist with stress headaches, anxiety and atherosclerosis.  

Its calming nature helps improve sleep too. It works especially well when combined with hops. Linden can stimulate perspiration and is thus good for helping the body in times of colds and fevers since it lowers temperature and dispels congestion, by helping to get rid of mucous from the lungs, trachea and entire respiratory system. You can also gargle with the tea or tincture for sore throats. Linden flower tea or tincture also helps flush mucous from the kidneys, bladder and stomach. 

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