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Clearly Filtered Replacement Filter - For The Pure Filtered Water Pitcher

This is the replacement filter for the Clearly Filtered Pure Water Pitcher and is made to be an exact replacement for the Clearly Filtered Pure Water Pitcher.

It is recommended that you change your filter every 6 months (200 gallons) to ensure the cleanest water.  That is way more (5x more) that other water pitchers.  

All filters are MADE IN THE USA

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Comparison Chart

Filter has been independently tested to exceed all EPA, NSF & ANSI standards for drinking water.  Filters are made in the USA using Medical Grade plastic that prevents mold from growing inside the filter.

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Product ID: CF-RepPitcher

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Clearly Filtered Water Purifier Water PitcherReplacement Filter

The replacement water filter for the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher.


The greatest part about Clearly Filtered products is the filter doesn’t need to be cleaned!

The products are designed not to require regular maintenance. The material inside is made from Medical Grade plastic that prevents mold from growing inside the filter.

Here are a couple suggestions to keep your filtered pitcher in tip-top shape:


  • Use soap on the filter
  • Place fliter in dishwater
  • Place pitcher in freezer
  • Use with Hot Water
  • Use in Salt Water

And remember to always use to pitcher upright. The filter is gravity fed so just fill up the reservoir and wait for the water to filter itself!

When to replace the filter? When the flow becomes restricted (approximately 200 gallons or 6 months, whichever comes sooner)

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