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The Daily Dose - March 26th - Honeybee Havoc! Why Honeybees Are So Important

Honey Bees are so important

Food supply is affected by many factors and one that people have not paid enough attention to is the danger posed to our food supply by the progressive demise of the honeybee. Initially you might think that this has little effect on food but the reality is quite different. Honeybees pollinate fruit trees, squash, cucumbers, melons, all kinds of beans and basically a great number of our food crops. Without them we would lose a huge amount of the food we rely on. Bees and bats, two of the major pollinators are gravely affected these days, the bats by a fungus and the bees by many factors, but primarily by a class of pesticides called neo-nicotinoids. This class of pesticides is widely used worldwide and seeds are coated with them. The residues kill bees and prevent plants from getting pollinated. Obviously nobody wants to pollinate by hand so this is something we must find a way to remedy.

We should let everyone know about this and lobby our legislators to prevent the use of pesticides that kill our pollinators.

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