Amino Acid Omega Balanced Meal Replacement

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Superfood Meal Replacement

  • Easy to digest and absorb
  • Includes a balanced amino acid profile
  • Sourced entirely from protein-rich sprouted grains and beans, chia seeds, and spirulina
  • Safe, effective, and made from all natural ingredients

This is Live food - Remember to refrigerate or freeze upon arrival.

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This is LIVE food -- Refrigerate or freeze immediately upon receipt! 

With Enerhealth’s Natural Meal Replacement, our customers can rest assured that they are using a product that is vegetable based, primarily organically grown and soy free. While soy has long been touted as a “health food” much recent research has proven soy to have adverse effects on the thyroid gland. 

Basic Information:

Size: 14.1 oz. 

Serving Size: 2 Tbsp

Servings Per Container: 25 

Shelf Life: 3 months in a cold dark pantry, 6 months in the refrigerator, 9-12 months in the freezer! 

Meal Replacement Highlights: 

Vegetable based w/ a balanced profile of amino acids, 100% GLUTEN FREE, Lose weight without compromising your health, Rich in highly nutritious & digestible sprouted grains & beans, No added sweeteners, Optimal balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Includes a highly nutritious blend of nutrient dense algaes, superfoods and herbs, Low Carb - Great for zone diet and low carb diets, weight watchers and other diet plans, Low sodium/salt and Low calorie; only 100 calories each serving!


By Mike Adams the HEALTH RANGER, January 12, 2009

"It's rare to find a meal replacement powder product that breaks new ground in taste while delivering outstanding nutrition, but a product from EnerHealth Botanicals does exactly that. It's called the EnerHealth Natural Meal Relacement product, and it delivers full meal nutrition with a whole new twist on superfood taste."

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Easy to use! Mix in a cup of juice or other liquid and top it off with a glass of water

You can replace up to 1-3 meals a day (we recommend replacing one meal a day and drinking plenty of water!)


Coconut Milk Powder (contains Sodium Caseinate (a milk derivative) and Maltodextrin), Organic Chia Seeds, Sprouted Mung Beans, Sprouted Chickpeas, Hawaiian Spirulina, Organic Chlorella, Sprouted Black Beans, Organic Vegetarian Nutritional Yeast, Sproted Green Peas, Organic Purple Dulse, Organic Kelp, Organic Spinach, Organic Amaranth, Organic Alfalfa Leaf, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Rose Hips, Sprouted Millet, Organic Beet Root, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Winter Cherry Root, Organic White Asparagus Root, Organic Dandelion Leaf, Organic Lemon Peel, Wildcrafted Papaya Leaf, Organic Horsetail, Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder, Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder, Organic Cardamon and Organic Cinnamon

(All Sprouts are sprouted from organic seeds)

Allergens: Milk 


Is the Meal Replacement considered raw and gluten free?

Our Natural Meal Replacemnt is great for raw food enthusiasts and a great meal replacement for people with celiacs disease! 

Since our ingredients are derived from whole plant sources they are considered 'raw' – which means that the nutrients are quickly absorbed into the blood stream. In fact, many of our products are used by raw food enthusiasts.

Our Meal replacement has been certified 100% Gluten FREE for your safety and health.

How is our Meal Replacement different?

In addition to the sprouted grain and chia blend our natural meal replacement also includes a highly nutritious blend of nutrient dense algaes, superfoods and herbs. This high quality nutrition packed greens formula has no fillers. With our eye for excellence, we added our highly popular Coconut Milk Powder, which is rich in medium chain fatty acids.

By combining the coconut milk powder with its good fats, along with the perfectly balanced fat profile of the Chia seeds, you can enjoy a rich source not only of essential fats, but also of protein, vitamins and minerals all from vegetable sources, with nothing synthetic. 

Chia itself is considered a superfood. It has an optimal balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as being a superb source of vegetable based protein. Chia is hydrophilic in nature. It absorbs much more water than most other foods, leaving you feeling full and allowing your body to absorb nutrition more slowly.

 Is the Natural Meal Replacement Vegetarian?

 YES.  Our Natural Meal Replacement is vegetarian.

Is the Natural Meal Repalcement Vegan?

NO.  Although it is vegetarian, the Natural Meal Replacment IS NOT VEGAN because it contains the Coconut Milk Powder, which contains small amounts of Sodium Casseinate (a milk derivative) as an emulsifier.  

Is the Natural Meal Replacement Organic?

NO.  It contains our Coconut Milk Powder and unfortuantely it is scientifically impossible to make Coconut Milk Powder organic.

Is the Natural Meal Replacement a Good Source of Protein?

Not Really.  It does contain some protein but if you are looking for the amount of protein that you would find in a protein powder then it does not.  However, the easy fix to this is to add the protein powder to your drink/smoothie to give it that boost you are looking for.  

What is the difference between the Meal Replacement and Enerfood?

There are a couple differences.  Basically the Meal Replacement is a combonation of our Enerfood, Coconut Milk Powder, and sprouted Legumes.  Both can be used as a Meal Replacement however the Natural Meal Replacement has a more complete amino acid and omega profile because of the sprouted ingredients.  Another difference is Shelf Life.  The Natural Meal Replacement is LIVE food and must be refrigerated/freezed to maintain a shelf life of up to a year whereas the Enerfood Super Green Drink has a shelf life of 2 years and should be stored in the cupboard.  The last difference is servings per container.  The meal replacement contains (25) 2 tbsp servings whereas the Enerfood contains (50) 1 tbsp servings.

Why Do I have To Refrigerate or Freeze the Natural Meal Replacement?

The Amino Acid Natural Meal Replacement is LIVE food.  Becasue of the sprouted ingredients it is perishable.  By storing it in the refrigerator or freezer you can extend the shelf life to up to a year.  However if you are actually using it you should easily consume it in less than 2 months.

Will my Natural Meal Replacement go bad in the mail or if it sits on my porch?

NO.  A lot of people are worried about this especially in the summer months.  The Natural Meal Repalcement is not that volatile.  If it were out there for about a week then yes, it might go bad.  But sitting out there for a day will not harm it.   

Why is the Natural Meal Replacement Frequently OUT OF STOCK?

Because the Meal Replacement is a perishable product, we only run small batches.  Rest assured we do store them in a freezer while in our warehouse.  However, we like to almost run out before making more to ensure freshest product with the maximum shelf like.  If we are OUT OF STOCK, we suggest that you either place your order to ensure that you will receive one as we have many backorders or wait for it to come in stock. The longest we are out of stock is normally a maximum of 2 weeks.

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