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Herbal Medicine

  1. Herbs for Athletes

    Daily exercise is, of course, plays an incredibly important part in maintaining overall health.  Something to consider when maintaining an active lifestyle are herbs that help to contribute to your strength and endurance during regular workouts, as well as herbs that can help the recovery process of an intense workout or sore muscles. For greater energy and overall endurance, two...
  2. Medicinal Mushrooms

    What a gift medicinal mushrooms are!  About 1.3 billion years ago, fungi was the first organism to come to land, followed by plants.  Having positive effects on more then just human health, mushrooms also give a great deal of support to a healthy environment.  Mushrooms in the mycelium stage are sentient beings and contain solutions to helping our environment by infusing...
  3. Reclaim Your Roots with Bitter Herbs

    Bitter herbs get their name from their bitter taste, which makes sense!  Not only limited to herbs, bitter constituents can be found in dark chocolate, coffee, and black tea, where the bitter components act similarly medicinally when compared to bitter herbs.  Bitters are great if taken before and after meals, but this tradition has been all but lost in most...
  4. Herb of the Day: American Ginseng

    American Ginseng is a slow growing perennial herb that grows in many places right here in eastern United States.  From Maine to Georgia, and Oklahoma to Minnesota, this highly medicinal herb grows naturally.  Some of the best American Ginseng is considered by many to grow in Wisconsin, but take careful consideration when harvesting or making use of this herb!  American...
  5. Befriend Your Fellow Plants

    Plants have been our friends and allies for thousands of years.  Maintaining those fibers that keep us closely tied have only severed since the Industrial Revolution.  Many believe that herbalism plays an important part of everyone’s daily lives in all places of the world except for here in the United States.  What has happened here?  We are likely one of...
  6. Swiss Government & Insurers recognize alternative treatments-herbal too

    The Swiss Government recently recognized Ayurvedic treatments officially.  They require practitioners to pass their exam and then they can practice and be reimbursed with insurance.  Ayurveda is the latest addition to the official list of alternative treatments which include; herbal, chinese and homeopathic treatments! I wonder why this has not happened in this country, don't you?
  7. Stay Tuned For a New Herbal Bitters Tonic

    Stay Tuned For a New Herbal Bitters Tonic
    We have been working on a new product line of herbal tonics.  The first ones we will release soon are:  Nervine Tonic to help calm you nerves when you get stressed out; Bitters Tonic to support a healthy gut and digestion; Love Potion Tonic for a amorous love life and a Longevity Tonic.  We have a new process for these...
  8. Heart Healthy Combo

    Wow, this combo is quite a deal at this price!  $89.25 with regular retail at over $111.00.  You might want to take advantage of this while it lasts.  We plan on raising this price next week.

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