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  1. Part 2: The Hemp Farm Environment

    Part 2: The Hemp Farm Environment
    The Farm Environment In our experience, the main factor to pay attention to in terms of farm environment is the condition of the soil. Specifically, whether it is ‘uncontaminated’, i.e. that it has not been treated with Round Up type (non-organic) pesticides and non-organic fertilizers. We are of the opinion that the plant should be grown as close to organic...
  2. Why GMO's are destroying your health and what to do about it?

    I encourage you to read and view this man very attentively. Perhaps more than anyone else he understands the health implications of GMO's. This is a Mercola interview. Dr. Don Huber is an expert in an area of science that relates to the toxicity of genetically engineered (GE) foods. (Alternative terms for GE foods include genetically modified (GM), or...

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