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  1. Coronavirus, What to do?

    Coronavirus, What to do?
      I have always been a proponent of having some non-perishable foods on hand as one never knows when a snow storm will shut you in here in Colorado.  The Coronavirus add a different dimension to the idea of storing food.  There is so much we don't know about this virus that some precautions are necessary, in my opinion. The...
  2. What is Industrial Hemp?

    What is Industrial Hemp?
    What is Industrial Hemp? There is a lot of miscommunication about industrial hemp and the products (hemp and CBD extracts, oils and salves) that are derived from this plant. Much of the misunderstanding stem from the fact that Marijuana, having over .3% THC, and Industrial Hemp, having under .3% THC are BOTH DERIVED FROM CANNABIS!  It is the THC levels...
  3. Take Action Now!

    DEA declares non-psychoactive CBD to be a Schedule 1 substance! On Tuesday 12/13 the DEA made a sweeping decision to place CBD extracts in the category of Schedule 1, which defines them as having no medicinal purpose and high-risk of abuse. "Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high...
  4. Swiss Government & Insurers recognize alternative treatments-herbal too

    The Swiss Government recently recognized Ayurvedic treatments officially.  They require practitioners to pass their exam and then they can practice and be reimbursed with insurance.  Ayurveda is the latest addition to the official list of alternative treatments which include; herbal, chinese and homeopathic treatments! I wonder why this has not happened in this country, don't you?
  5. Why GMO's are destroying your health and what to do about it?

    I encourage you to read and view this man very attentively. Perhaps more than anyone else he understands the health implications of GMO's. This is a Mercola interview. Dr. Don Huber is an expert in an area of science that relates to the toxicity of genetically engineered (GE) foods. (Alternative terms for GE foods include genetically modified (GM), or...

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