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  1. What is Industrial Hemp?

    What is Industrial Hemp?
    What is Industrial Hemp? There is a lot of miscommunication about industrial hemp and the products (hemp and CBD extracts, oils and salves) that are derived from this plant. Much of the misunderstanding stem from the fact that Marijuana, having over .3% THC, and Industrial Hemp, having under .3% THC are BOTH DERIVED FROM CANNABIS!  It is the THC levels...
  2. Hemp Extraction Techniques

    Hemp Extraction Techniques
    Hemp Extraction Techniques (not all inclusive) The most popular process to date in the THC/marijuana extraction process is called critical CO2 and frequently termed as a solvent free process, which is not exactly correct as this is a ‘phase’ extraction process where CO2 is moved from liquid to gas and in the transition passed through the plant to ‘extract’ certain...
  3. Part 2: The Hemp Farm Environment

    Part 2: The Hemp Farm Environment
    The Farm Environment In our experience, the main factor to pay attention to in terms of farm environment is the condition of the soil. Specifically, whether it is ‘uncontaminated’, i.e. that it has not been treated with Round Up type (non-organic) pesticides and non-organic fertilizers. We are of the opinion that the plant should be grown as close to organic...
  4. Confused about Hemp/CBDs?

    Confused about Hemp/CBDs?
    There is a lot of confusing information about CBD/Hemp products being presented to the public. I will attempt to defray some of this confusion in this 3 part series. Our Qualifications Enerhealth has 24 plus years of knowledge in extraction of over 100 herbs and we blend these herbs for specific conditions. We are also FDA inspected and an organically...
  5. Register Here For our Sweepstakes to Win

    We are giving away 3 gift baskets, each with a Retail Value of $154.00, of our products but you have to register to be one of the lucky three winners.  We will run this little sweepstakes for One Month Only, until May 28, 2015.  We will notify the winners and ship the products to them after we announce who they...
  6. FDA Regulates Alternative Medicines

    I think this is yet another shot across the bow of our personal freedoms and choice.  FDA wants to and i suspect will, continue to ramp up regulation of homeopathic medicines of all kinds.  The ruse is that the consumer is ‘harmed’ because they don’t do anything-at least as far as they are concerned.  You see medicines that are natural...

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