What makes the biggest difference in your overall health, Diet or Exercise?  Many of us wonder about this since we are bombarded all the time with a 'do this or that' for better health and the information is confusing at best.

Huffington Post just published an article saying that exercise, more so than diet, is the biggest component.  Personally, I don't go with any one voice saying one is better or more important than the other.  Think about it, they are both important!  And there is no guarantee that you won't have some health issue crop up, that's just life.

You must both exercise, 3 to 5 times a week, of some kind and watch your diet.  Go for a walk, a swim, some yoga just move your body.  It is habit forming and a good one at that.  Eat sensibly, and that means to me an organic diet composed of mostly vegetables.  Cut out the sweets, the biggest threat to your health according to many experts and I agree!

Have a great and healthier day!