I think this is yet another shot across the bow of our personal freedoms and choice.  FDA wants to and i suspect will, continue to ramp up regulation of homeopathic medicines of all kinds.  The ruse is that the consumer is ‘harmed’ because they don’t do anything-at least as far as they are concerned.  You see medicines that are natural are not patentable, meaning once proven that one works everyone can join in and make it and sell it.   To prove that a remedy works one must do clinical trials at the cost of millions to prove/disprove the efficacy of the medicine for the intended condition.

So, if you can’t control the medicine, via patents, then you spent millions to prove it works but you can’t control the market via a patent.  This is why Big Pharma wants to discredit in any way possible all natural remedies.  As more people use them, and less use of these pharmaceuticals, it is harder-or at least takes longer to make a profit.

The folks involved in making and offering natural remedies must rely on information and results hundreds and in some cases centuries old.  This is considered anecdotal evidence and not valid.  For those that use them, these herbal remedies and homeopathics do work when taken correctly.  Unfortunately, now the FDA seems to want to limit our access to these medicines.