Did you know you could use our herbal extracts to add flavor to food and drinks while supporting your health? Try these delicious combinations with our Cocoa Mojo.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa 

Prepare your Cocoa Mojo:

1 Tbsp. per 8 oz. of liquid. Any type of milk will work (or water). Canned coconut milk makes a very rich and creamy hot chocolate that tastes amazing.

Mix in 1-2 droppers of our Peppermint Leaf Extract, or more to taste. Enjoy!


Spicy Cinnamon Hot Cocoa



Prepare your Cocoa Mojo as directed above.

Mix in 1 dropper of Cinnamon Bark Extract, and ¼ dropper of Cayenne Extract (Regular or Spagyric), or more to taste. Enjoy!


Another option: Add a little strongly brewed coffee to make a Peppermint Mocha or Spicy Cinnamon Mocha. Use our NutriCafe for immune-boosting benefits.