Daily exercise is, of course, plays an incredibly important part in maintaining overall health.  Something to consider when maintaining an active lifestyle are herbs that help to contribute to your strength and endurance during regular workouts, as well as herbs that can help the recovery process of an intense workout or sore muscles.

For greater energy and overall endurance, two herbs to consider might be Eleuthero and Arnica, as well as Cordyceps mushroom, though many more can be included on this list!  Eleuthero encourages the body to normalize its functions and helps one to adapt to both physical and emotional stress.  With the ability to oxygenize the cells and tissue or the body, Eleuthero also helps cells with excess lactic acid that builds up from a heavy workout, creating sore muscles.  Arnica, another great herb is used topically to help minimize inflammation associated with bruises, aches, and sprains from intense activity.   Arnica oil is featured in our Trauma Response blend available for said uses!

Shifting kingdoms, Cordyceps are fascinating mushrooms that live on certain types of caterpillars in the high mountain regions of China.  This fungus boosts energy levels while also improving oxygen utilization; therefore improving athletic performance.  Cordyceps are featured in our Organic Nutricafé coffee, which contains performance supporting organic compounds infused in freshly roasted organic coffee beans.  Help yourself power through your active lifestyles with use of these energy enhancing herbs and mushrooms!