The holidays have arrived and per normal the cold and flu season is in full swing. Seems that this year we also have some sort of nasty stomach bug going around as well. What to do to stay healthy amidst these threats?

Diet is the first place that I normally mess up. The things we eat and the quantities of it are always the first thing to lower our defenses and during the holidays we are bombarded with all sorts of temptations, cookies, cakes and rich foods are among the biggest least for me.

Then we have the quantity issue, too much of a good thing and all that. I for one am not too good at controlling this one. Overeating is way too easy when all your favorite dishes are laid out in front of you!
You might ask, 'why should I care about these things?' and the answer in short is; sugars, fats and too much of these things can act to lower your immune system response to the threats of colds, flus and other nasty bugs. How to avoid lowering your immune response is not all that easy.

First line of defense is the hardest, Self-Control! Here I always 'rationalize' tradeoffs. If I eat cookies and pies, then I need to make sure I don't eat 2nds-that's better right? That goes with the rich foods as well. Fortunately, I am mostly plant based in diet on a normal basis and the sugars taste very, very sweet to me for some reason and I just can't eat a lot of these things. The rich foods I have a hard time with and believe me, even on a vegetarian diet there are plenty of recipes delivering super richness!

Second line of defense is, at least for me, supplements.  I take them everyday anyway and I just make sure in the holidays I take a lot of mushroom supplements as they are known to strengthen your immune system.  Of course, here at Enerhealth we have several products that can benefit you in this way, NutriCafe, Cocoa Mojo, Immune Complex, Echinacea and Echinosha  to name but a few.  Also you can get a very good D3 supplement from Amazon or your local health food store and take a lot of that if you begin to feel a bit off.

Stay well and enjoy the Holidays!!