If you are completely confused about what is the appropriate diet for your body, welcome to the club! My wife is the perfect example, she has tried at least 50 types of diets, some ‘MD’ based, others from qualified nutritionists to ones recommended by intuitive type of folks and guess what, they all say something different about what the ‘best’ or ‘optimum’ diet should be!  This leads her to try so many things and unable to stick with any one thing which, when you consider the diets, is probably a good thing!!

I just watched a Netflix documentary produced by none other that James Cameron of Titanic and Avatar fame – among others. The title is ‘The Game Changer’ and I can highly recommend this documentary.

I have a friend, JP (John Pierre, johnpierre.com) that has been promoting vegan diets for the longest. He has been the Vegan personal trainer to many celebrities, check out his video with Ellen DeGeneres, and professional athletes. They have all broken the protein myth of meat-based diets as the best way to get your proteins. Turns out pro athletes perform better on a 100% plant-based diet. The documentary mentioned above goes over some pretty strong points, enough that I am returning to a vegetarian diet since for some years I have eaten fish at the behest of family. Now the family is ‘in’ on the plant-based theme.

I feel that everyone might at least give this ‘new’ yet old diet more than just an ‘off the cuff’ dismissal. We have been programmed and brainwashed by so many special interest groups, think beef/chicken/fish industry groups, not to mention the guys out there that are in it just to make a buck or two, that finding the ‘truth’ is dang near impossible.

It helps to find out the source of the information before allotting value to it. Much of the ‘propaganda’ about meat-based diets is fueled by those industries themselves with a supporting cast of physicians, nutritionists and, indeed, our own government! Think about the dietary guidelines established and published by the USDA, where do you think a ton of funding and information comes from for that agency to do their research and findings?

For me, the closer to the ground your food is, less processed, less GMO, more organic, and the lower on the food chain the better off one will be health wise. Closer to the ground usually equates to plant-based proteins and diets!

Give your body a chance and consider eating closer to the ground that we all share! I am not here to 'should' on you. As always I suggest start where you are with eating habits and if you want to gradually work in changes, listen to your body...not the media!