diet from dave

A scientist at Tufts University,David Ludwig, has a 'new' theory on the current causes of obesity. When the statistics showed that even 2 and 3 year olds were getting obese, it was clearly a sign that the root of the issue was something in the environment, not just will power or genetics.

He found that 'over eating does not make you fat, it is the process of getting fat that makes you over eat!  Sounds a little crazy right?  But when you look at the issue, it makes perfect sense.  He found that the type of foods you eat are the root cause of getting fat.  Turns out all those low fat diets are at issue, they reduce all the good fats and give the carbs a pass(how many refined carbs with added sugar do we see these days-this is the environmental piece).

He says the best diet is one that has healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil and avocados for example (be careful of some of these oils as hexane is present which means a hydro carbon was used to express the oil) and reduce refined carbs and sugars, read bread, chips and sugary drinks.

Of course he has a diet book and says that his diet reprograms your fat cells, reduces hunger and get insulin under control.  He is probably onto something don't you think? We have been writing about just this same diet for over 10 years now and produced a line of products to support you in your journey of health!

To your health and well being!