enerfood by dave
Another recent study has indicated that any type of exercise is good when it comes to 'anti-aging'. I have written about this before, exercise shortens the length of telomeres. Telomeres are parts of the cell that scientist measure, the longer they are the 'younger' and healthier the cell.  Master athletes have longer telomeres than sedentary people.  Thus the conclusion that longer telomeres are healthier and indicate an 'anti aging' strategy is in place and working. Click here to see the study.

I for one am all for exercise, I feel better when I am a regular at the gym or hiking or something!  I also know that superfoods, okay this is a small but true pitch for Enerfood,  have also been shown to increase the rate of cellular rejuvenation by some measures.  They can increase a process called phagocytosis, where macrophages (a special type of white blood cell) that eats foreign stuff - like really bad cells, microbes and other foreign matter.

So get out there and get some exercise this weekend and enjoy yourself.  Love more, Laugh and play - all of these can also really help you get and stay healthy.  Plus, everyone will want to be around you!

In honor of the weekend and the small pitch above, I am keeping Enerfood and Meal Replacement on sale over the weekend!

To your health!

Steve St Clair