IceCoffeeAside from the benefits that caffeine can deliver, weight loss, reducing headaches and preventing diabetes, caffeinated coffee also has anti-oxidants that can support healthy memory, eyes and a number of other things.  Read article

Coffee and cocoa are also summer drinks, just make them with ice.  With the new cold process methods, i.e. the toddy, to make coffee it is just so easy and tasty.  Our Cocoa Mojo is one popular summer beverage when it is made in a blender with ice!  At our trade shows we mix it up with coconut milk powder, whole milk or nut milk and the Cocoa Mojo and blend away.

Here at Enerhealth, we do more than just roast coffee.  If it was just coffee we wouldn't offer it.  Our coffee is organic whole bean coffee and we infuse the beans with organic extracts of medicinal mushrooms using a non chemical process (trade secret).  We have several different blends of extracts that have different targets in your body.

The cool thing is that this never ever tastes like mushrooms, just great organic, gourmet coffee.  We source only the best organic beans from Chiapas, Mexico and Central and South America.  You should give it a try, take a look by clicking here