I have been telling people for years now that the 'protein myth' is alive and well in the U.S. and apparently the world considering the news today that a 25 year old body builder in Australia died from what appears to be excessive consumption of protein and protein supplements.

I have had the opportunity to speak with a few body builders after they had blood work done and the line of questioning goes like this:  Do you take a lot of protein isolates?  They invariably answer in the affirmative.  Next question:  How does you liver panel look?  The answer is invariably will there were some problematic issues in my last panel.  Too much of just about anything can harm your health.  Protein in excessive amounts certainly qualifies as a harmful product if done in large amounts.

My advice is BE CAREFUL with any protein supplement and please watch your diet.  Even lean meats in excessive amounts can be harmful especially if it is the 'conventional' type beef, full of BGH, antibiotics and lord know what else.  These sort of chemicals can accumulate in the body and cause all sorts of issues.

We always like to use as much vegetable sourced proteins as they come with all the good fats and oils required to break down proteins.  This is so important and why many of the protein isolates out there can be harmful, they are devoid of naturally occurring fats an oils!  Hemp hearts are a great example, while not as high in protein per serving, they are a tasty and highly nutritious food that contains great omega 3 and 6s.  Food combining is something we should all do to maximize proteins in our diets, rice/grains and beans/legumes for example.  I don't know of a single incident where someone died of over doing these types of foods.  Make sure they are organic!

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To read more about the Australian body builder you can access that information here.