Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric has long been praised for its ability to support a healthy inflammatory response.
But did you know this powerful little root does more than modulate inflammation?

Let’s break it down-

Turmeric contains many compounds called curcuminoids. These curcuminoids are largely responsible for Turmeric’s beneficial health properties, and we ensure that all of the beneficial constituents found in the plant, end up in the bottle. We do this by utilizing all parts of the plant material in what is called a Spagyric extraction, which produces powerful whole-plant extracts.

Spagyric products are alchemical preparations of herbs, which are more potent than the original herb. We purify the materials and extract the plant’s mineral salts then we reunite them with the extract. With the unabsorbable materials removed, this potent formula is extremely bioavailable, resulting in a truly whole-plant extract. Let’s shed some light on some of these properties.

The Liver.

It is not uncommon to hear someone mention they are experiencing abdominal discomfort, due to an improperly functioning liver or want to take preventative measures. If this is you, read on!

Turmeric has been found to have a beneficial effect on people experiencing a dysfunctional liver. The medicinal compounds found in the plant’s rhizome “scavenge” cell damaging compounds, and assist with returning the body to homeostasis.  Of course, when the body has achieved homeostasis, this means it is operating at optimal performance.


Turmeric can contribute to proper digestion function by reducing permeability in the gut.

Muscular and joint discomfort.

Turmeric’s beneficial compounds block proinflammatory cytokins, (a regulator of negative host responses that cause things like inflammation, imbalances in the immune system and so on.) By blocking these cytokins, the body can attempt to achieve homeostasis and properly relieve muscular and joint discomfort throughout the body.

So maybe you’re thinking to yourself “I don’t have any of these issues.” That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from this amazing root! Turmeric can also be taken for general wellness and preventative measures!
Turmeric may support:

-mental focus and clarity.
-reduce risk of serious health conditions.
-support proper liver function.
-support cardiovascular health
-reduce bloating
-minor skin irritations

Turmeric really is for everyone!

So be sure to check out our potent and powerful Spagyric Turmeric extract in an easy to take tincture form and add this universal herb to your daily regimen!