A new study promotes 'vigorous' exercise as a key component in longevity, i.e. avoiding an early death.

I for one think that you should move your body and begin a balanced diet and exercise program suited to you current situation.  The key is in beginning and not to worry about avoiding premature death etc.  That kink of stress could surely shorten, not lengthen life span in my opinion.

Work up to a vigorous, aerobic workout if you find a benefit to your health.  To me the key is listening to your body, let it tell you what it needs.  I am all for working towards health right now and with that comes a longer life span.  Worrying about premature death seems a bit counter productive.  What matters is right now.  If you aren't on a good health regimen then begin.   If you don't know what that phrase means, and it can certainly be confusing these days, ask someone or several someones....then begin!

An easy way to really boost your diet is start with a small amount of a superfood everyday. Enerfood and our Meal Replacement are our versions and folks like them a lot, start with a teaspoon and work up to a tablespoon.