What is Industrial Hemp?

There is a lot of miscommunication about industrial hemp and the products (hemp and CBD extracts, oils and salves) that are derived from this plant. Much of the misunderstanding stem from the fact that Marijuana, having over .3% THC, and Industrial Hemp, having under .3% THC are BOTH DERIVED FROM CANNABIS!  It is the THC levels that qualify one as legal, products derived from Industrial Hemp and the other as ‘quasi-legal’, meaning Marijuana the higher THC plant is still illegal federally but now many states have passed laws allowing products with those high THC levels to be sold LEGALLY WITHIN that state.

I have penned several articles that deal with just a few of the more confusing issues around hemp and we continue to try to define the issues and address them. Many scientists and companies are also trying to take some of this confusion out of the marketplace.  At the end of the day, Industrial Hemp is LEGAL if it complies with the definition as passed by Congress last year.
Just because Congress passed the law legalizing industrial hemp what impacts will this have for me the consumer? Congress was the first step, now the FDA needs to develop regulations to ensure that the products produced using Industrial Hemp are safe.

Safe, what do you mean? The entire herbal supplement industry is currently regulated by the FDA to ensure that these products are safe to consume. Look for companies that have a background in producing herbal and/or nutritional supplements as they must comply with a law passed over a decade ago called the DESHEA Act. The FDA has a multitude of regulations created around this law. Companies that are registered with the FDA and want to stay in business must comply with these regulations.

This of course begs the question, is industrial hemp an herb? I would answer with a resounding YES! Of course hemp is an herb, it is no different from any other medicinal plant such as Turmeric or Dandelion other than the health benefits one may experience.  To date there are so few adverse reactions from consuming herbs it is ridiculous, especially when compared to the litany of adverse reactions including death that can be had from your typical pharmaceutical medications. I am not suggesting that all pharmaceuticals are necessarily bad, some are in fact quite astounding in their results, but care and caution must be used when deciding, with your physician, on which medications should be used.  There are very few herbs or pharmaceuticals that will answer all your health issues. As always lifestyle, diet, exercise and mental attitude will affect outcomes!!

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