We are all searching for ways to improve our health, be it a tweak in our workout, a 'new' diet or deciding on a supplement regime.  I have found over the years that perhaps we might best be served by:

  1. Listen to our body and pay attention to what it is telling us.  I know this isn't the easiest thing in the world because we have to focus on the various aches or pains or just on the places we want to improve and notice changes.  These changes don't happen overnight in most instances but occur rather gradually over time, making it more difficult to remember where we began.  To help remember you might consider journaling your observations and your desires regarding your health and body.
  2.  No matter where you are in your journey and what you decide to do in the future, Balance is a huge consideration. I tend to over do it whenever I make a commitment and this can affect your quality of life over time.  Too much of anything might not be a good thing if any area of your life suffers!
  3.  Once you have made a plan and note where you are right now in terms of health and have decided on where you want to go you have to formulate a plan keeping in mind Balance.  Here is where many people get overwhelmed.  There are so many diets, exercise programs, stress relieving activities that it becomes quite confusing on what program to go with.  I always suggest keeping the first 2 suggestions in mind as you do your research.
    1.  Keep in mind as you put your program together that a diet that concentrates on fruit and leafy vegetables with animal protein as a supplement every other day or so seems to be the healthiest option according to the research I have done over the past 40 years.  Most of the longest living humans eat animal proteins sparingly and I take notice of this fact.  Fruits are very important in our diets in spite of the bad rap it seems to receive from many of the 'no carb diets'.  The sugar in fruits is not the same as refined sugars!  It would take thousands of pounds of fruit to be the equivalent of 100 pounds of refined sugar!  Your body needs glucose in order to deliver nutrients to the cells and create energy. Carbohydrates can also be consume just don't pin your diet on just carbs, spread their consumption out and pick better carbs, i.e. stay away from processed foods.  This last bit is difficult since there are so many packaged foods and our lifestyles are so busy these days.  I ask you, how important is 'busy' vs your health.  It just doesn't take that much longer to create a great salad and eat some fruit vs microwaving a prepared lunch or dinner!  The choices you make for animal proteins are so important due to the contamination of our soils and oceans.  Every stage of the food chain consumes some level of contaminants be they heavy metals or the pesticides (beware of Round Up, it has a 1/2 life of 22.5 years in the soil), herbicides and now GMOs.  As we as humans at the top of the food chain consume animals that consume other animals etc. the concentrations of these pesticides is very high in the meats that we tend to consume so we can become toxic and then health issues can start to develop.  Best to choose grass fed beef and consume it occasionally.  Wild caught fish is much better than farm raised due to the drugs and foods that are fed to farm raised fish. This doesn't mean wild caught seafood is a 'go to' source of animal protein, it also has heavy metal contaminants.  Industrial waste from all countries being pumped into our oceans, nuclear accidents (Fukushima) has devastated our ocean environments.  Choose smaller fishes to eat and try to avoid larger fish such as Tuna, Swordfish and the like.  Go to smaller fish that are lower on the food chain.  Do you see what I am saying?  The lower on the food chain your diet, the better off you will tend to be as far as contamination.  Again BEWARE OF GMO anything - corn and soy and potatoes are the biggest culprits.

I will have more to say next week.  Thank you for stopping by!  Think positive thoughts and surprises will come your way!