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Stay away from rice - Dangerous levels of arsenic found in rice

Rice and arsenic

In recent days we have seen articles advising caution with regards to the consumption of rice and the risk of absorbing higher than advised levels of arsenic. The reports surfaced after testing done by Consumer Reports on more than 60 products. They showed higher than acceptable levels of inorganic arsenic, a known carcinogen in many rice-based products.

Based upon this report, consumer watchdog groups advise limiting the consumption of rice products. I would also seem that brown rice is a little more of a culprit than white rice although both are implied to be at issue. The report had the FDA finally standing up and agreeing to do their own testing.

From a purely logical point of view the issue seems to be more to do with the pesticides used in the cultivation of rice and the length of time the plants are exposed to these pesticides. Rice is particularly vulnerable because the plants remain submerged in water for much of their life cycle.

These recommendations are sure to drive people to the consumption of other grains, which in some cases have their own issues. Wheat affects the health of many due to gluten intolerance, while most corn on the market is genetically modified.

As always we are much safer when we consume organically grown alternatives because toxic pesticides and herbicides are not permitted in the cultivation of organic products. This is why safety beckons us to consume organic rice instead of conventional.