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Enerfood Organic Super Green Superfood Powder-Steve Quayle Special!



Tremendous Value,Highly Digestable,Certified Organic,Vegan,Super Clean.

Enerfood is our award winning 100% certified organic super green superfood powder. Voted Best Superfood by Natural News, Enerfood is packed with the highest quality Organic,Non-GMO,Non-Chinese nutrient dense "superfoods." Enerfood delivers complete bio-available nutrition in a highly effective alkalizing formula. The best way to get our vitamins and nutrition is through food and Enerfood is just that...Food.

Promotes Cell Rejuvenation, Increased Energy, Mental Clarity, Gentle Detoxification of the body systems...and more!  

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Organic EnerFood Super Green SuperFood

Enerfood provides pure, natural energy, helps remove toxins, and helps the body perform at an optimal level. With 50 Servings per container-less than $1.00 per day, Enerfood offers tremendous value for organic greens. Enerfood is great for anyone, Mom's, Dad's, Athletes, CrossFitters, Cyclers, Swimmers, Musicians - they all use it. Whether you are trying to lose weight, increase your energy, or just be overall healthier...Enerfood WORKS!  And there are many testimonials to support that statement.

Enerfood Highlights:

 100% Certified Organic (Non-Chinese Ingredients)

  • Low Heavy Metals
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan - Raw
  • Alkalizing Formula
  • Less than $1 per serving
  • Removes Toxins - Extremely Cleansing
  • Best Superfood NaturalNews
  • Easily Digested & Absorbed (100% Bio-Available Nutrition)

    Enerfood Promotes:

  • Balanced Energy All Day Long
  • Increased Stamina
  • Mental Clarity
  • Healthy Liver 
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Radiant Skin
  • Improved Digestion

    Basic Information:

  • Size: 14.01 oz
  • Servings Size: 1 Tablespoon
  • Servings per container: 50
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Mix 1 Tablespoon in water or non-acidic juice (Apple), or add to your favorite smoothie recipe.



Organic Spirulina - A nutritionally dense blue green algae, rich in protein, Beta Carotene and B vitamins, especially B12.

Organic Chlorella - Also a form of blue green algae, like spirulina, giving Enerfood an even more potent source of optimal nutrition.

Organic Non-active, Vegetarian, Saccharomyces Cervisiae Nutritional Yeast - The second highest source of protein in nature and the richest source of B vitamins known.

Organic Dulse - Seaweeds are nature's richest source of minerals.

Organic Kelp - Also a nutrient dense seaweed.

Organic Barley Grass - Grain grasses contain more nutrition by weight than the grains themselves, providing a powerful source of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

Organic Wheat Grass - Is also a grain grass.

Organic Alfalfa Leaf - Known as the most potent land source of minerals. It sends its roots down as much as 50 feet drawing up valuable minerals and converting them into a bioavailable form.

Organic Spinach - Another rich source of minerals, especially iron.

Organic Rose Hips - Along with orange and lemon peel this is a strong source of the nutrients that make up Vitamin- C complex, such as hesperidin and rutin, calcium and other nutrients necessary to assimilate Vitamin C.

Organic Beet Root - Just as spinach, beets have long been known to provide us with iron and other minerals.

Organic Orange Peel - Vitamin C complex and bioflavinoids.

Organic Winter Cherry Root (Ashwaghanda) - An ayurvedic herb to strengthen and rebuild the body.

Organic White Asparagus Root - Another ayurvedic herb to strengthen and rebuild the body. It is revered by women and also men in the ayurvedic pharmacopia.

Organic Dandelion Leaf - Known herbally to build and cleanse the blood. Rich in calcium and organic sodium.

Organic Lemon Peel - Vitamin C complex and bioflavinoids.

Organic Papaya Leaf - Contains powerful proteolytic enzymes such as papain, which are known to assist in the digestion of protein.

Organic Horsetail - Used by herbalists for millennia to strengthen tooth enamel, hair and nails. It also helps the body absorb calcium.

Organic Barley & Wheat Grass Juice Powder - An even more potent source of the nutrition provided by the simple ground grasses themselves.

Why should YOU Choose EnerFood? Here are THREE basic reasons:

1) Tremendous Value for an ORGANIC Green Superfood powder

Each canister contains 50 servings.  That’s a 7-week supply of Organic Greens for less than $1/day!  Good luck finding that in the grocery store.

2) Highly Digestable - Instant Nutrition         

Enerfood is highly digestible and absorbed easily into your body.  The best way to get your vitamins & nutrients is through a food source and Enerfood is100% bio-available for easy, rapid absorbtion of nutrition that your body can use immediately...hence the energy!

3) Certified Organic - Gluten Free - Vegan - Raw

Enerfood is 100% Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan & Raw!  Enerfood is just that...FOOD!  We do not add any sweeteners, fillers, or non-functional ingredients to "dress it up"  Just pure green superfood for maximum nutrition and maximum benefits.

Get The Nutrition You Need with EnerFood Green Superfood 

Enerfood is highly digestible and is absorbed very quickly into your body providing dense and highly absorbable nutrition in a powdered form. That means when you mix it with fluid, the vitamin and mineral-rich molecules can be easily processed by your body's digestive system. This way your stomach can absorb the nutrients and minerals right away. These nutrients go to work to rebuild and regenerate your body's cells while eliminating built-up toxins.

How is this different from taking pills and/or vitamins?

Most pill form supplements contain many fillers & constituents that requires a lot of energy to break down. By the time your body breaks down the pill you have received very little of the actual nutrients and many times parts of the pills pass through as evident in bowl movements.  

It's Never Too Late To Restore your health! 

Each moment is a chance to change it all...In today’s world, our health is compromised by the typical Western lifestyle; too much stress, too little sleep, poor nutrition and too little exercise.  Sadly, many of us have just accepted feeling poorly as a way of life!

That's why we developed EnerFood.  Enerfood harnesses the power of green superfoods to supply all the dense nutrition your body needs during the day.  Proper nutrition will allow your body to better handle the stress of everyday life. The components in this powdered blend will give you steady nutrition that will allow you to have energy all day long.  With sustainable, long-lasting energy, you will be able handle the stress of the day, feel alert and ready, and wind down in the evening for a relaxing, restful sleep. 

Sound too good to be true? EnerFood has helped thousands of people with their health goals. From Green Superfood enthusiasts, to people looking to lose weight to someone just begining their health journey, we are here to help with your health goals.  

It's never too late to change the way we live and change the way we eat.  Try Enerfood Green Superfood today and see why it was rated "Best Green Superfood" by Natural News and the Southwest School of Naturopathic Medicine.

 How Many Servings Does Enerfood Contain?

Enerfood contains 50 servings per container.  if taken once a day that equates to about 7 weeks and depending on the quantity you buy that is less than $1/serving for organic greens.

Why Does Enerfood Give You Energy?

Enerfood is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are readily available for your body to use.  The energy literally comes from all these vitamins & nutrients that your body uses to produce it's own energy.  When you give the body the proper nutrition it will work at an optimal level giving you the energy you need.

What Does Alkalizing Mean? and Why Is it Important? 

Our bodies tend to be quite acidic from the things we eat.  Since Enerfood consists of many green plants it has many alkaline properties.  This means it helps your body become more alkaline and in an alkaline enviorment, parasites, fungus, bacteria, etc. cannot survive. it is not an optimal enviroment for them.  They prefer a more acidic environment.  So when you consume foods that are more alkaline, it can make it much less likely for you to get sick. 

Is Enerfood Organic?

YES.  Enerfood is 100% USDA Certified Organic.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

Does Enerfood Contain any Sweeteners?

NO. Enerfood does not contain any sweeteners.  We feel that it is important that every ingredient is functional and people should have a choice on whether or not they want to sweeten their greens.

Does Enerfood Contain Any Synthetic Ingredients?

NO. Enerfood is void of any and all synthetic ingredients.  All the vitamins within Enerfood come from the actual incgredients.

Is Enerfood Heated?

NO. Enerfood is NON-HEATED.

Can I Take Enerfood with my Other Vitamins?

YES.  Enerfood is just food, however it is superfood packed with vitamins and nutrition.  When you consume vitamins in a pill form, your body spends a great deal of energy breaking that pil down and it is questionable how much you actually digest and absorb.  Please check with your health care practitioner before undertaking if you are concerned about interactions.

Is the Cannister BPA Free?

Yes.  The plastic container that Enerfood comes in is a #2 HDPE Plastic and is BPA Free.

How Should I Store Enerfood Super Green Energy Drink?

The best storage is in a the cupboard.  As with anything heat and moisture can affect the stability of food.  Just store it in the cupboard out of the direct sunlight and you will be fine...even in the summer.

Enerfood can be taken in a variety of ways.  Some people take it straight, some people make a smoothie. Whatever the method, the important thing is getting it into your body.  Below is a list of recipes, some submitted by customers, that can help make enerfood taste delicious.  If you have a recipe that works for you please email us atinfo@enerfood so we can share it with the masses.


1 TBS Enerfood

1TBS Coconut Milk Powder

1/2 Cup Apple Juice

1/2 Cup Water

1/2 Cup Banana

1/2 Strawberries (fresh or frozen)

Blend and Enjoy!  Our most popular at trade shows!

ENERFOOD RECIPE 1 (Submitted by Ashley) (370 total calories)

1 TBS Enerfood (25 cals)

1 cup 100% apple Juice (110 cals)

1/2 cup Ocean Spray Cranberry/Blueberry 100% Juice (70 cals)

1 cup frozen blueberries (70 cals)

1 small banana (95 cals)

Small amount of ice if you did not use frozen fruit. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

ENERFOOD RECIPE 2 (Submitted by Ashley) (393 total calories)

1 TBS Enerfood (25 cals)

1 cup 100% apple Juice (110 cals)

1/2 cup Ocean Spray Cranberry/Blueberry 100% Juice (70 cals)

1/2 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen(35 cals)

1/2 cup strawberries, fresh or frozen (23 cals)

1/4 cup fresh pineapple chunks (35 cals)

1 small banana (95 cals)

Small amount of ice if you did not use frozen fruit. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

ENERFOOD RECIPE 3 (Submitted by Ashley) (395 total calories) 

1 TBS Enerfood (25 cals)

1 cup 100% apple Juice (110 cals)

1/2 cup Ocean Spray Cranberry/Blueberry 100% Juice (70 cals)

1/2 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen(35 cals)

1 nectarine, quartered (or frozen equivalent) (60 cals)

1 small banana (95 cals)

Small amount of ice if you did not use frozen fruit. Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

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