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While Enerhealth does not offer a Hemp Extract at this time due to banking restrictions, we do recommend only one whole plant hemp extract. This extract meets all of our strict criteria of ethical processing and potencies (all lab verified) and we can recommend it without any reservations. The brand name of this product is Meta Hemp and it can be found on the site: www.metahempsolutions.com. This is a brand of New Herb Health, a Colorado Company.

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I wish we could offer a whole hemp plant extract, however at this time we cannot due to banking restrictions that would limit our ability to accept credit cards for our products. We are not happy about this but we have identified a whole plant hemp extract that meets all of our rigorous standards, Meta Hemp Solutions.

This is a brand that New Herb Health markets and can be found on www.metahempsolutions.com. We have tested this product extensively for pesticides, heavy metals and potency and all of their products pass these tests with flying colors. it contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids including; CBD, CBDa,THC, THCa, CBC, CBDV among other along with minerals, terpenes and flavanoids that occur naturally in the industrial hemp plant (under .3% THC content). More information about Hemp can also be found at Helix Institute for Health as well as a variety of other sites. We urge caution when viewing information about Hemp as much of that information is marketing based and can be misleading. Helix Institute for Health is a science based site that uses verified scientific research as the basis for their information. In fact, this Institute offers or will be offering course material on hemp and cannabinoids as well as classes based on herbal medicines.

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