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Herbal First Aid Kit



Natural First Aid Extracts & Salve

  • The four most critical herbal first aid remedies
  • All four together in one pack
  • Each tincture bottle is 2 oz sized
  • Salve is in a 1/2 oz jar

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Being prepared while camping, hiking, or just on a day outing is important. This herbal first aid kit will help you be ready for some common health emergencies while out in nature. From cuts, bruises, sore muscles and shortness of breath, these remedies will keep you happy and healthy  and give you peace of mind. Look over the description to familiarize yourself with what they can do for you.

This kits includes 2 oz tinctures of: Cayenne, Lobelia, Trauma Response Oil, and one 1/2 oz jar of Cuts and Scrapes Soothing Salve


Used in adequate doses cayenne can aid a myriad of health concerns, such as flatulence, indigestion, laryngitis, as an antibiotic and as an analgesic, among others. It is so effective at improving circulation that we should all carry a bottle of the tincture with us at all times for emergencies. Whenever I cut myself I use cayenne as a styptic. It will stop the flow of blood in minor and even larger cuts. Of course, you should check as to whether you need stitches if it is a big one. When on a hike, always carry some butterfly band-aids to keep the cut closed. 

Clean the wound with fresh water and apply cayenne a couple of times until the blood stops flowing. Half a dropperfull at a time should be sufficient. It is made with grain alcohol and so will aid in disinfecting the wound.  Once the cut is dry, you can apply a little antimicrobial soothing salve. If you should be near someone who has a heart attack, pour the whole bottle down his or her mouth. After all you are better with a spiced up tongue than dead. This may seem like a radical remedy but if you are out on a hike far away from medical care, this might just save your life. 

Taken in small amounts, cayenne can increase your circulation and give you more energy when you feel sluggish. A couple of drops in a small amount of water can seem like rocket fuel to a tired body. Consider taking cayenne internally with food, however, otherwise it can be a little uncomfortable on the stomach.  This varies according to each person.


Lobelia will have the effect of relaxing tight bronchial tubes and any smoothe muscle for that matter. Any cramps even lockjaw will resolve with lobelia. It is a very powerful relaxant and a superb remedy for fevers. It will reduce heart palpitations. Lobelia is a stimulating expectorant and antispasmodic for coughs and asthma. Should you be on a very strenuous hike and feel tight in the chest and needing more air, take a little lobelia. It will help open the lungs so you can breathe better. 

Also consider the following breathing technique. While hiking, breathe deeply, relaxing the abdomen with each inhale and contracting it on each exhale. Exhale twice as long as you inhale. This releases more CO2, which is a waste gas we produce more of under exertion. In It can be aided by also taking cayenne should you inadvertently take a little too much and feel too relaxed. This will increase circulation. 

Lobelia can be applied externally for sprains, bruises and tired muscles.

In small doses lobelia will stop a desire to vomit, while in large doses it will bring on vomiting. In cases of intestinal poisoning it can also be good to induce vomiting, so if you eat something bad on a long hike, you might be better off getting rid of it. Take 5 to 15 drops in water as needed. You might need more to induce vomiting but this dosage will definitely help relax you. Avoid taking more than 5 dropperfulls in a 6 hour period.


Apply this aromatic, penetrating oil to sore muscles, back pain or bruises for quick relief. This is a great massage oil to soothe and speed the healing of injured tendons and ligaments, sprains, fractures, dislocations and arthritic pain. For the above reasons, this is a great remedy to have on hand when you are on a hike.

Should you be on a long or multi day hike, consider rubbing the oil into your leg muscles when you break or at the end of the day. It will help with recovery. It also helps with bruises, joint inflammation, sore muscles, pain, insect bites, minor trauma, phlebitis and arthritis. This is for external use only.


Apply this ointment to cuts, scrapes and skin abrasions to soothe and heal sore and inflamed tissue. This salve will tighten tissue and speed the healing process. This is for external use only. Apply to cuts, scrapes and abrasions to heal and soothe.

As mentioned in the section on cayenne above, clean the wound first, apply cayenne to stop bleeding and then apply the Cuts and Scrapes Soothing Salve. Since scrapes and cuts happen to us frequently on a hike, this salve is a must have remedy for hikers.

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