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Immune Defense Survival Kit


Immune Defense Survival Kit

2020 has been quite the year thus far! Make sure you and your loved ones are ready for anything with our Immune Defense Survival Kit which includes our all Organic Certified Survive2Thrive 40 Day/40 Night Pail, and Immune Support Power Pack, two of our most sought after products!

Please note: Due to extreme demand, this item is currently on backorder, and will not ship for 3-5 weeks.

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This kit includes:

(1) Survive2Thrive Pail - 40 Days/Nights Organic Emergency Survival Food Supply

The only certified organic & non-GMO survival food on the market

  •  10-15 years shelf life
  •  285 total servings per pail; individually vacuum-sealed in 6-7 mil. food-grade bags
  •  Nutrient-dense and easy to prepare
  •  Vegan, Non-GMO and 100% certified organic
  •  No preservatives
  •  Less than $2 per meal; real, dry uncooked food)
  •  Easy to transport & store
  •  Great for camping

The Pail contains:

Rolled Oats: 5 lbs
Brown Rice: 4 lbs
Millet: 4 lbs
Garbanzo Beans: 3 lbs
Green Lentils: 3 lbs
Black Beans: 2 lbs
Pinto Beans: 2 lbs
Quinoa: 2 lbs
EnerFood Green Superfood Powder: 7/8 lb
Chia Seeds: 1.5 lbs
Fermented Miso Powder: 1/4 lb
Cajun Spice Mix: 1/16 lb 
Preparation instructions

Total weight: 27.75 lbs Dimensions: 13" H x 13" W x 16" D

(1) Immune Support Power Pack

The pack contains:

6 powerful herbal blends to give your immune system a huge boost

EchinOsha Herbal Remedy - 2 oz.

Honey & Propolis Soothing Throat Spray - 2 oz

Daily Immune Complex - 2 oz

Nettles Decongesting Herbal Remedy - 2 oz

Cough Calming Herbal Remedy - 2 oz

Lung Renewal Herbal Remedy - 2 oz

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