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Early in my recovery, I went on a vegan diet for the first time at the Gerson Clinic in Mexico. That was their protocol; no meat, only organic fruits and vegetables. I knew this was a smart way to go, but I needed their support, to drop meat all together. By the time I was eating everyday without meat after a few weeks at the hospital, I did see the benefits, but what I found was it would not quite carry me through, it was not enough; with my rigorous exercise, I needed something more. 

I was still having cravings for the basics, like tortillas and beans. But the Gerson protocol forbids the eating of beans. For me, Dr. Melendez and Charlotte Gerson made some exceptions. Since I was not a cancer patient they would allow me to eat beans and practice my KungFu, but not at the hospital. So I would slip away to the beach and do KungFu or go surfing and afterwards go out to the market. It was a bit of freedom from the strict hospital setting and the ocean made my recovery fun for me.

I still eliminated meat and the market in Mexico served simple rice and beans, just cooked in water and I would eat that with corn tortillas. It was very clean and it filled me up. My theory was to intake as few chemicals and food additives into my body as possible, eat organic whenever I could and this continued to reduce the chemical and toxic intake burden on my liver. I felt much better.

Returning home, I continued my organic vegan eating but added large quantities of grains and legumes like millet, barley, red beans, black beans, chic peas, flax seeds, nuts and green peas. I sprouted everything and would always incorporate that into my diet. I also ate fresh fruit in the morning and fresh vegetables at noon and in the evening. I realized that with my lifestyle changes, I had to make dietary changes as well, so I sprouted and cooked many of the grains and legumes. This made it easier to digest. Eliminating meat, fine tuning my recovery regiment and adapting this new diet brought me into full recovery from hepatitis and liver restoration.


Early in the first year of recovery, I dorecommend going organic vegan.  but once I had no viral load, I did incorporate some meat in my plan but continued fighting for wellness with an insanely rigorous lifestyle training for marathons and KungFu. Still to this day my diet is about 95% vegetarian. As a matter of fact, I call this recovery and nutrition adjustment the “Gladiator Diet.” I felt like if I had been fighting the hepatitis dragon as a knight, well surely I was qualified to be a Gladiator. Ironically enough my new diet that I was having so much success with closely matches what the Gladiators in the Roman Empire ate.

I named it The Gladiator Diet because during Roman Times this same diet sustained the soldiers of the legends who would march long distances in their military campaigns and fought many wars. In the sports Colosseum the gladiators would fight for life and death where victory was always the goal just like with Johnny in his fight against the hepatitis virus. For the most part those Roman strong men were all feed a barley grool or some other grain with legumes and seeds in ancient France or millet with garbanzo beans if they were in North Africa. After victorious days they may get a bonus of some salt, meat or lard to add to their grool for a reward. This was rare but a celebration never the less. It was the same with Johnny; however I added daily amounts of fresh juices, fruits and vegetables and micro amounts of meat and everything was organic whenever possible.

This new diet was one of the biggest changes that helped me get off my no progress plateau and on into complete healing. I did not have to worry about getting enough to eat. Before I would stress about it. I would get hungry and I did not have a plan in place to get the nourishment. When I found a way to make quantity delicious food in less than 5 minutes and have a manageable way to get quality nutrition quickly anytime was a big part of my success. This was a huge factor to get me off my no progress plateau.

At all times I would keep on hand a precooked pot of beans and in a separate boiler I would keep a precooked pot of brown rice. Sometimes I would switch it up and keep a pot of barley and and a pot of garbanzo beans. The same was true for millet and black beans etc. I always had a pot of a grain and legumes already cooked and in the refrigerator on hand.  For all these items I would soak them for 2 or 3 days before I would cook them. By that time each grain or kernel would have sprouted. This makes it better for digestion and provides a higher yield of nutrition.

For my vegetables, I would have a raw salad which took very little time to prepare or I would steam squash, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli etc. to go with my sprouted cooked grains and legumes. I put raw olive oil, apple cider vinegar and different sauces that I made fresh to change up the taste.

In between my three meals I would make fresh juices from vegetables like carrots, cucumber, beets and wheat grass or eat grapefuit or have non caffienated herbal tea. I also drink the many green powders on the market like chlorella and dried wheat grass juice.

This new diet was all during the time when I went from 5.8 million HCV load to non detectable in less than 4 months. The simple diet break down was oatmeal or quinoa in the morning, barley or rice for noon or dinner. Usually, I would add lentils and other beans that have been soaked and sprouted for a few days. With a small coffee grinder I may grind some raw nuts, flax or sunflower seeds and then add the powder to the big bowel of grain that had a chance to cool. With a grain grinder I would make my own flour from all the grains and cook pancakes or muffins. Sometimes I added fruit or fruit juice in the breakfast meals with my pancakes or porridge and for lunch or dinner I will cut up some steamed vegetables or add cultured ones like sour kraut or pickles with the juices. Better than the Gladiators for sure, but ironically I have found that my body is more at peace. I learned that this diet change helped to maintain calm in my demeanor which I believe was so important to victory whether it was the Gladiator, the Roman legend soldier or Johnny fighting in the KungFu Academy or against hepatitis, I learned you had to be calm, to win and have the right mindset, this diet gave me peace.

The regular restaurant fare is not healthy with too many chemicals that would make me physically uncomfortable. Nearly all fast food places are full of chemicals and if I eat in many of them I suffer from hyper-chemical sensitivity and would not sleep at night. I believe that most people are eating more fast food, they are getting too many chemicals in their body and are not getting enough sleep. They are loosing bone and brain function and become worn out. It is a sad state of affairs.

As a matter of fact, the whole standard American diet is sad, because people are poisoning themselves from the fast food impurities and running around nervous on caffeine resulting into an early death and don’t know it. Yep it is S.A.D – Standard American Diet and I am glad that I am not a part of that acronym anymore. Either as a knight or a gladiator I felt that if I had to fight the hepatitis dragon, I had to win. Once I made the choice of my modified Gladiator Diet, I found amazing results and I got off my plateau and continued into healing with no viral load in less than 4 months.


I have been a consultant for many famous nutritional companies, names of which everyone has heard before. I have consulted for nutritional manufacturers and for whole food organic product development. In the lab, I was responsible for supplying doctors with supplement (vitamin & mineral) recommendations for their patients. I know this business inside and out and never wanted to endorse any company because they would always make some comprimises on quality or integrity. Several times in the past I have endorsed one product but never the whole company and their entire line of products.

 For the first time ever I have found a company that encompasses everything that I look for in a company. Quality, Integrity, and Values.  That Company is EnerHealth Botanicals!EnerHealth Botanicals Is Johnny's Choice!

I am proud to endorse all the products of EnerHealth and the company itself. It is the first time I have found a company that the owners, the manufacturing, sourcing of the ingredients, the products as well as the marketing all successfully meet my critical analysis and scrutiny.

Integrity seems to be their middle name not only in their business practices but the quality of their products as well. I put this company under my microscope for more than two years and found everything at the highest level. EnerHealth is the first company to get the Johnny Delirious Seal of Approval!

Why EnerHealth Botanicals?

I have been aware of EnerHealth for some time but it was not until recently that I made the decision that all their products where Johnny Approved.  Recently, while at a trade show I ran into EnerHealth and discovered that they have a product called The Survive2Thrive Organic Food Supply that has enough real organic foodOrganic Stored Food for over 40 days/nights and is a 100% Certified Organic. It consists of everything I need for my Gladiator Diet in a easy to transport bucket. I could not believe it.  Here is the break down of the product.

Survive2Thrive Organic Food Supply is Johnny’s Choice.

Each Pail Contains the following organic items individually vacuum sealed!

Rolled Oats: 5 lbs

Millet: 4 lbs

Brown Rice: 4 lbs

Green Lentils: 3 lbs

Black Beans: 2 lbs

Pinto Beans: 2 lbs

Quinoa: 2 lbs

Pancake Mix, Gluten Free: 1 lb

Non-Fat Powdered Milk: 1 lb

Sprout Blend: 1 lb

Sprouted Sunflower Seeds: 1 lb

Enerfood (Superfood Greens): 14 oz

Chia Seeds: 8 oz

Miso Powder: 4 oz

Cajun Spice Blend: 2 oz

It has everything I eat in a given month that I have to have that I cannot get from my garden or fruit when it’s in season. What was astounding to me is the care the owners (Steve & Darren) took designing and making the product. Not only is it the foundation of my healing program – The Gladiator Diet - but it is also 100% Certified Organic and shrink wrapped to sustain freshness for long term. Because of that I can sprout almost everything in the Pail now or 10 years. This is significant because many grocery stores have grain in bulk, but it has been irradiated to kill insects that maybe eating the wheat or rice etc., but that insect extermination also kills the germ within the seed and therefure it can never be sprouted. With the Organic Preparedness Pail I can sprout  most of it and stock it in my home and continue Johnny’s Gladiator Diet even if the worst of disasters were to hit. That is why for the first time in over 18 years that I have been coaching people to recover from serious liver problems like hepatitis, that I fully endorse and recommend this nutritional company and their products. So many companies want my endorsement and give me discounts on their products. With EnerHealth, I like the owners, the executive team, their product sourcing as well as the products.  EnerHealth is now my recommendation for food and supplements to all my clients and the Organic Preparedness Pail is Johnny’s Choice for the number one product to keep on hand for anyone’s hepatitis and liver recovery regime and you will automatically be prepared for any disaster.

Many people who are close to me know that I am a “prepper.” I have overcome several big challenges with addiction and hepatitis and I know the importance of being prepared for anything. Now many of us are facing the changes in our country and the challenges that come with it. That is another reason why I believe so much in what EnerHealth is doing. With the 40 Days/Nights Organic Food supply, you are ready to heal with The Delirious Recovery Program – Johnny’s Complete Hepatitis Recovery. If you keep several Organic Preparedness Pails on hand you are also ready for any disaster when food might be in shortage. Why not be ready and have enough food and continue to practice Johnny’s Choice?

Along with the Organic Food Supply I recommend the other products EnerHealth has to offer.  One of their best products is their super green drink Enerfood.  Enerfood is 100% Certified Organic and is an easy way to get all your greens and vegetables. 

I consider myself a "master survivor" and it's rare that I am so excited about one company's entire product line.  Please take the time to look through the products here as they are now essential to my everyday life.