Laxelixir Herbal Laxative

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An effective and safe herbal laxative

➢ Encourages Regular Bowel Movements

➢ Gentle & Reliable

➢ Relief From Chronic Constipation

➢ Easy, Safe & Effective -Best used with Total Body Detox for maximum benefits

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We All Need A Little Help

LaxElixir Herbal Laxative is an excellent herbal remedy to help eliminate constipation and relieve bowel discomfort.  Use in conjuction with Total Body Detox & Colon Cleanse to help facilitate a bowel movement.  Gentle, reliable and pleasant tasting, LaxElixir Herbal Laxative is used as a lower bowel tonic for relief of temporary or chronic constipation. This herbal laxative can be used as a less habit forming substitute for over the counter laxatives.

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Dandelion Root

Marshmallow Root

Cascara Sagrada



Orange Peel

Organic honey, vegetable glycerin, and brandy.


Suggested Use: Take 1-2 dropperfuls in water or juice three to four times daily. Or as directed by your health practitioner.