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Propolis Resin Extract


Containing powerful antioxidants, propolis, which comes from bees, is a natural immune support extract. Propolis is also a natural antiseptic that can be applied to cuts, scrapes, and wounds. It can also be used orally to help support a healthy balance in the mouth and gums.

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Propolisanother substance of those productive bees, acts as the protective mortar to their hive. The word "propolis," derived from Greek, means “defense of the city.” It’s a brown, sticky wax coating made from the plant resin gathered by the bees that, when mixed with the bees’ saliva, smoothes the internal walls to provide a barrier from parasites, bacteria, and fungus. Human use of propolis dates back to 300 BC. Current research shows it to be effective in promoting fungal balance and oral health.

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