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Spagyric Turmeric Root Extract

Turmeric Root Extract

Other Names:

Curcuma longa, Haldi, Indian Saffron, Guari

Turmeric, one of the most highly-studied herbs, helps to support a healthy inflammatory response. It also supports healthy liver function, digestion, and cardiovascular health. For added absorption, take this extract with freshly-ground black pepper. Black pepper aids in the absorption of curcumin, the famous phytochemical in turmeric. 

This extract is made using our spagyric process. This is our modern version of an ancient extraction process, which results in a raw, living, whole-plant extract with all of the therapeutic constituents of the plant intact. We distill the root in organic grape alcohol, keeping the temperature under 98º F. After distillation, we extract the mineral salts from the leftover plant material, and add those minerals back into the final extract. The result is a highly absorbable, whole-plant extract. 



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Support several important functions in your body with this organic herbal extract.

  • All-natural spagyric herbal extract made from organic turmeric.

  • Handcrafted herbal tincture that can help support a healthy liver, digestion, and cardiovascular health.

  • Organic herbal supplement that can also support healthy inflammatory response.

Have you been looking for an organic herbal extract that can help support several vital functions in the body? Spagyric Turmeric Root Extract from Enerhealth Botanicals is made from organic turmeric rhizome. Our all-natural herbal extract can help support healthy liver function as well as help regulate proper digestion. It can also help support cardiovascular health as well as support a healthy inflammatory response. Using our modern spagyric method of extraction, this all-natural health supplement is made to be highly absorbable. Get your organic turmeric supplement online today.

Enerhealth Botanicals uses organic ingredients in order to make some of the best plant-based supplements that are designed to nourish, improve, and elevate overall health.

 How to use our organic turmeric root supplement:

  • Talk to your doctor before using

  • Take one or two dropperfuls combined with water or juice

  • Repeat three or four times per day

  • Keep out of the reach of children

  • Store away from light and heat


About: Our potent turmeric extract is a rich yellow color, and retains the distinctive flavor of this spice. Turmeric contains numerous health-supportive qualities, including a group of antioxidant compounds that resides in the rhizome of the plant (the root, which we use in our extract). Turmeric has been known to support liver health, inflammatory response, digestion, and cardiovascular health. Try turmeric to support overall wellness! 

This herbal extract is handcrafted in small batches with organic, non-GMO cane alcohol to ensure quality, strength, and freshness. Our powdered turmeric root is native to India, where we sustainably source it. We receive it dry and then activate the plant and begin our extraction process. Our process has been used consistently for over two decades to produce only the highest quality herbal extracts. 

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Spagyric Turmeric

Our Organic Turmeric Tincture is extracted from:

Organic Turmeric Rhizome

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 dropperfuls 3-4 times daily or as recommended by your health practitioner. 



Keep out of reach of children.

Store away from light and heat. 

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.